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Be quick, _____ you’ll miss the early bus.





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请在下列空白处填上适当的单词:Some common ______1____can help you in building effective d
Some common ______1____can help you in building effective document management. The files can be found easily when you [label] your files and folders with names such as ___2____ and school names. You can have a quick idea of the ___3___types if you search through folders in thumbnail view. You also need to remove __4____files to make it clear and put things similar together in a folder. And keeping files in ____5___ order is a good way to sort out all files. Of course, you should___6_____ and reorganize files from a certain period of time to make sure they are in the_____7_____ place.



There (1)_____ not one type of reading but several according to your reasons for reading.
There (1)_____ not one type of reading but several according to your reasons for reading. To read carefully, you have to (2)_____ your reading speed and technique (3)_____ your aim (4)_____ reading. Skimming is a technique necessary for quick and efficient reading.
When skimming, you (5)_____ the reading (6)_____ quickly in order to get the (7)_____ of it, to know how it is organized, (8)_____ an idea of the tone or the intention of the writer. Skimming is (9)_____ an activity which (10)_____ an overall view of the text and (11)_____ a definite reading competence.
Skimming doesn't need reading all the material, but it doesn't mean that it is an (12)_____ skill for the lazy, because it need a high degree of alertness and concentration.
When you read, you usually start with (13)_____ understanding and move towards detailed understanding rather than working the other way round. But (14)_____ is also used after you have already carefully studied and you need to (15)_____ the major ideas and concepts.
In order to be able to skim quickly and (16)_____ through a text, you should know where to look for what you want. In preview skimming you read the introductory information, the headings and subheadings, and the summary, if one is provided. (17)_____ this skimming, decide whether to read the material more thoroughly, and select the appropriate speed (18)_____ you read.
The same procedure (19)_____ for preview skimming could also be used to get an overview. Another method would be to read only key words. This is done by omitting the unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences.
In order to skim efficiently and fulfill your purpose, (20)_____ practice is necessary.


First aid (急救 ) is the care given to the injured or sick as soon as possible after
First aid (急救 ) is the care given to the injured or sick as soon as possible after an accident or illness. It is this immediate care and attention before the arrival of the ambulance that sometimes means the difference between life and death, or a full or partial recovery. First aid has limitations, as not everybody is a doctor or expert, but it is a key element of the total medical system. The principle to be adopted in first aid is immediate action. By-standers (旁观者 ) or relatives not knowing what to do, or being too fearful to try, have unwisely contributed to unnecessary deaths and worse injuries. It is important that any action taken by the first aid provider is started as quickly as possible. Quick action is necessary to save life and parts of the body. One who is not breathing effectively, or is bleeding heavily, requires immediate help. If quick effective first aid is provided, then they have a much better chance of a good recovery. But it should be remembered that any action taken is to be most careful, and fright (恐慌 ) by the first aid provider and by-standers will not be good to the whole thing. Try to remain calm and think your actions through. A calm and controlled first aider will give everyone confidence that the event is being handled efficiently and effectively.
1.The most important thing in providing first aid is to ().
A、call for an ambulance
B、prevent bleeding
C、know what to do
D、act quickly
2.According to the passage, some injured or sick people died as a result of ()
A、other people's hesitation to offer first aid
B、unprofessional first aid
C、unnecessary first aid
D、unwise suggestions by by-standers
3.The writer seems to suggest that if you don't know much about first aid, you should ()
A、call for help from professionals.
B、still try to help
C、stand by and not try to help
D、learn it from a doctor
4.While offering first aid, the helper should ()
A、be self-controlled
B、have others to assist him
C、have confidence in the sick person
D、get rid of they by-sanders
5.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage ()?
A、One should not apply first aid to the injured without knowing the cause of the accident.
B、It is easy to carry out first aid if one has the necessary facilities.
C、First aid is an important part of the whole treatment.
D、First aid may not be effective before a doctor or expert comes.



听力原文:M: Jean, were you able to get that report all typed up?W: Not yet, Mr. Black. Mrs
听力原文:M: Jean, were you able to get that report all typed up?
W: Not yet, Mr. Black. Mrs. Farnsworth asked me to type some letters for her. I'll be finished pretty quick and then I'll start on that.
M: Don't forget I need it first thing in the morning. I have to take it along to Chicago to the regional meeting.
W: Don't worry, I'll get it done. My husband's on a business trip too. He's in Detroit today, and tomorrow he'll be in Boston. So I'm planning to stay late. After it's typed up I'll leave it on your desk. I should be finished by 8:00 pm.
M: I'm sorry to keep you so late.
W: It's all right, Mr. Black. I don't mind at all. Besides, I can use a little extra money. My husband's birthday is next month. I want to buy him a new watch.
M: What kind are you going to get him, a Bulova?
W: No. I thought I'd get a Rolex, or an Elgin. I don't really know much about watches.
M: I've got one of those Seiko digitals. I really like it.
W: Do you think my husband would like one like that?
M: I'm sure he would. The only problem is that it's a little bit heavy.
W: If it's that good, I think I'll go ahead and get him one.
M: Well, at least he won't get a tie. That's what I usually get.
W: Remember, it's the thought that counts.
B.New York.


In 99 cases out of 100, insomnia(失眠) is caused by a disturbance of the natural sleep rhy
In 99 cases out of 100, insomnia(失眠) is caused by a disturbance of the natural sleep rhythm. The reasons why the rhythm has been disturbed are many and they range from drugs that are being taken to treat a separate medical condition to anxiety. A sudden change in lifestyle. or climate could do it, or just that you’ve fallen into the habit of dozing off(打瞌睡) in front of the television.
Certainly the body must have enough sleep. Tests that deprived people of sleep have proved lack of it can cause fairly rapid physical and mental deterioration(恶化). But on the other hand, it doesn’t need too much. So if you’re sleeping in front of the TV, you won’t sleep soundly at night. Similarly, if you’re holidaying in Spain, and spending your days sleeping on the beach, chances are that you’ll be wide awake at bedtime.
Of course, the problem for my summer insomniacs is that, despite an almost overwhelming urge to put their heads down on their desks in the afternoons, they aren’t getting any extra sleep to compensate for their wakeful nights. For the worst sufferers I sometimes prescribe(开药方) a mild sleeping pill which, after a few nights, reestablishes the body’s natural sleep rhythm, conditioning it to accept the heat.
From the passage, insomnia results from ______.
A.the interrupting of the ordinary sleep pattern
B.being unable to sleep
C.keeping awake at night
D.drugs to treat a special disease
Lack of sleep will lead to ______.A.a sudden change in lifestyle
B.a good condition in body
C.the habit of being sleep in front of the television
D.a quick drop in both body and mind condition
The problem for the author’s insomniacs is that they ______.A.can’t make up for the sleepless nights
B.sleep in the afternoon
C.can have extra sleep at night
D.can never sleep well
A mild sleeping pill can help a person well ______.A.spend time sleeping
B.recover their normal sleep
C.keep awake at night
D.compensate for their missing sleep
It can be inferred that the writer is a ______.A.singer



阅读文章,回答下列各题: "I would tell anyone who' s thinkingabout going back to school that it' s not as difficult as you think," saysKaren Jonaitis, a woman, last year, at 47, earned a bachelor' s degree inbusiness administration at a college. "I realized that I would not move upin my career without a degree. " A generation ago, Jonaitis would have beena rarity(稀罕)incollege. Today about 6 million people aged25 or older are studying in Americaninstitutions of higher learning. Whether they are returning to improve jobskills or for the love of learning, adults no longer see age as a deterrent(障碍).Most people jump at the oppor- tunity to do something new. Some ofthem make changes they' d been thinking about all their lives. Others re- turnto school out of economic necessity. New developments in neuroscience(神经科学)and psychology areconfiring that there are few age limits on how much the brain can absorb and for how long--if you stay active.Continuing to learn keeps us mentally in shapeand able to learn more. On mental tests, experts discovered, half to two-thirdsof the people in their 70s were as intellectually quick as people in their 30s.Those who fell below average tended to be people who had not made a lifelonghabit of reading. They also were less physically active. Many adult students say learning is easierfor them today. They bring different skills to the classroom, and they' reless upset if something goes wrong. They have a real thirst, a real desire tolearn. A life-long habit of reading and physicalactvifies can keep_________________in good condition.
A. our mind
B. our body
C. our age
D. our nerves



To get a sense of how women have progressed in science take a quick tour of the physics department at the University ofCalifornia,Berkeley.This is a storied place the 36 of some of the most important discoveries in modern science-starting withErnest Lawrence' s invention of the cvclotron(回旋加速器)in 1931.
A、 generation ago female faces were 37 and,even today,visitors walking through the first floor of LeConte Hall will See a full corridor of exhibits 38 the many distinguished physicists who made history here, 39 all of there white malesBut climb up to the third floor and you' II see a 40 display.There,among the photos of current facnlty members and students are portraits of the 41 head of the department,Marjorie Shapiro and four other women whose reseaich 42 everything from the mecheanics of the universe to the smallest particles of matter.
A、sixth woman was hired just two weeks ago.Although they' re Still only about 10 percent of the physics faculty,women are clearly a presence here.And the real 43 may be in the smaller photos to the right graduate and undergraduate students about 20 percent of them female.Every yearsBerkeley sends its fresh female physics PhDs to the country' S top universities.That makes Shapiro optimistic but also 44 "I believe things are getting bette "she says "but they' re not getting better as 45as i would like."











A typical lion tamer (驯兽师) in people’s mind is an entertainer holding a whip (鞭子
A typical lion tamer (驯兽师) in people’s mind is an entertainer holding a whip (鞭子)and a chair. The whip get all of the attention, but it’s mostly for show. In reality, it’s the chair that does the important work. When a lion tamer holds a chair in front of the lion’s face, the lion tries to focus on all four legs of the chair at the same time. With its focus divided, the lion becomes confused and is unsure about what to do next. When faced with so many options, the lion chooses to freeze and wait instead of attacking the man holding the chair.How often do you find yourself in the same position as the lion? How often do you have something you want to achiever (e,g. lose weight, start a business, travel more )–only to end up confused by all of the options in front of you and never make progress? This upsets me to no end because while all the experts are busy debating about which option is best, the people who want to improve their lives are left confused by all of the conflicting information. The end result is that we feel like we can’t focus or that we’re focused on the wrong things, and so we take less action, make less progress, and stay the same when we could be improving. It doesn’t have to be that way. Anytime you find the world waving a chair in your face, remember this: All you need to do is focus on one thing. You just need to get started. Starting before you feel ready is one of the habits of successful people. If you have somewhere you want to go, something you want to accomplish, someone you want to become--take immediate action. If you’re clear about where you want to go, the rest of the world will either help you get there or get out the way.
(1)、Why does the lion tamer use a chair? ()
A、To trick the lion.
B、To show off his skill .
C、To get ready for a fight.
D、To entertain the audience.
(2)、In what sense are people similar to a lion facing a chair? ()
A、They feel puzzled over choices.
B、They hold on to the wrong things.
C、They find it hard to make changes.
D、They have to do something for show.
(3)、What is the author’s attitude towards the experts mentioned in paragraph 3? ()
(4)、When the world is “waving a chair in your face”, you’re advised to_____. ()
A、wait for a better chance
B、break your old habits
C、make a quick decision
D、ask for clear guidance
(5)、In the fifth paragraph, the word “accomplish” means ______. ()



Section BDirections: There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by som
Section B
Directions: There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice.
Only two major American film forms—the slapstick comedy and the western—withstood the effects of foreign influences throughout the 1920's, when the entire film industry, was dominated by the European moviemakers. These forms were already immensely popular all over the world (there was no need to make them more "artistic" by following the latest European fashions), and they were at once too successful and too lowly to warrant such improvements-they were considered "just entertainment." They bore no weighty messages, inspired no cults and no schools of esthetics. But they delighted audiences, both here and abroad, because they were so purely and simply America. Unconsciously, they represented all that was best in America without the slightest trace of intention, of sermonizing. The ingenuity and eternal optimism of the cornices and the cowboys' spirit of adventure as they rode the plains in search of the next frontier were enough to carry the message of the American dream to tired Europeans, to cramped city dwellers, to small boys, to people everywhere.
What did these films promise to European audiences disillusioned and exhausted by World War I? The humble always triumphed over their powerful adversaries, the weak outwitted the strong and always implied was a future of riches, freedom, and happiness for all. The world of the westerns was a simple place for men with the pioneer virtues of honesty, courage, a taste for adventure, and a quick trigger ginger; the world of the comics was a crazy place, but with a little faith and a little luck, it could be a wonderful place.
These forms were not "improved" because they were______.
A.too successful to need improvement
B.too lowly to warrant improvement
C.too insane to improve artistically
D.both A and B


n. 女王,王后()




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